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HDTV-VOOM outlines satellite HDTV antenna used in VOOM high-definition satellite TV

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Satellite HDTV Antenna

Satellite Dish and Antenna

VOOM utilizes a low profile, high power satellite dish with the power to bring an unparalleled range of programming right into your home

This state-of-the-art component connects you to our Rainbow DBS satellite, putting you in the perfect position to access our exciting world of high definition! A VOOM installation expert will determine the optimal location to mount the dish and establish a clear line of sight to the satellite.

The digital off-air antenna is another valuable part of your package - this is not your ordinary rabbit ear setup! The VOOM antenna gives you the power to receive your local digital channels (in HD where broadcast) in your area.

Other systems either won't provide this service or charge you extra for it - it's all included with VOOM.