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Home Theater? Until the arrival of HDTV, the phrase "home theater" was often just wishful thinking. The "home" part we have always understood, but where has the "theater" been hiding?

So-called home theater has historically just referred to digital sound quality and wide, but low-resolution, analog TV screens with nothing close to movie-theater picture quality.

But not anymore. Choose HDTV and VOOM to deliver a true movie theater experience in your home.

Got a HDTV "ready" television but still watching regular TV?

VOOM brings HDTV home theater television to life with over 39 HDTV channels, with your favorite premium channels like you've never seen or heard them before.

New HDTV channels are being being added every month. 21 (and growing) commercial-free VOOM exclusive HDTV channels you won't find anywhere else. And you get a full selection of the cable channels you love - over 120 channels in all. Click here to see how VOOM satellite HDTV stacks up against your local cable HDTV.

photo shows high definition television screen VOOM HD satellite TVHDTV delivers a picture that is clear and sharp, without all the reception problems associated with analog TV.

The enhanced viewing experience of VOOM HDTV is unquestionably superior to anything previously known and makes a true home theater experience possible. VOOM delivers the best viewing experience to date, and click here to see benefits of HDTV.

photo shows VOOM high definition satellite TV equipment photo links to HDTV pricing page VOOM, provided by the Cablevision System Corp. satellite division, is the first television service to provide a comprehensive array of high-definition (HD) programming for the rapidly growing but underserved HDTV audience.

With a lineup of more than 39 HD channels, VOOM delivers more HD programming than any other satellite or cable service provider. To see a lineup of VOOM HDTV programming click here.

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