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Dolphin Gifts: Dolphin Figurines & Dolphin Jewelry seeks to bring together the worlds most impressive collection of dolphin gifts including dolphin figurines and dolphin statues, dolphin art and dolphin jewelry. When it comes to dolphin jewelry, the choices are unlimited because our custom jewelry designers also create special dolphin rings, pendants, charms or can create a custom dolphin watch - or you can chose from a selection of ready-to-ship dolphin creations.

Dolphin gift items are perfect for the dolphin lover in your life. A true dolphin lover can never have too many dolphin inspired things around then, from sheets and bedspreads to dolphin faucet sets, towel holders, plates and dishes or even a dolphin soap dish.

At we set out to be the most comprehensive source for competitively priced dolphin merchandise. If you are looking for a dolphin gift or dolphin inspired items and you don't see it here, let us know so we can get it or make it for you. If you make dolphin gifts or jewelry and would like to include your items in our collection please let us know.

Here at you will not find the cheap, mass produced dolphin merchandise found at typical retailers, rather our goal is to provide high quality, unusual and hard-to-find dolphin items. Much of our collection consists of one-of-a-kind dolphin gift items and original dolphin art. We look forward to providing a place where dolphin lovers, and the people who love dolphin lovers, can find those special and unique dolphin gift items that are sure to please.

While we are in the process of building our online dolphin store, we invite you to let us know of any dolphin jewelry or dolphin gifts you are looking for so we can send you pictures and ordering information. Or let us know if you would like our GIA-certified master jeweler to create something for you.

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